Student zagraniczny - Sopocka Akademia Nauk Stosowanych
Student zagraniczny

Student zagraniczny

Prezentujemy multimedialne przewodniki po naszej Uczelni

Welcome To Sopot – A guide to the SANS departments Welcome To Sopot – A guide to SANS IT systems Welcome To Sopot – Rules for using SANS library

SANS Guide – the mobile application for international students

We are delighted to present you the mobile application – SANS GUIDE. The following application is dedicated to International students of SANS as well as international visitors currently staying in Sopot and Tricity. It contains a full set of the most relevant information regarding Sopot University and Tricity – information regarding medical care, security and health services, bus, and train schedules, cultural events, pubs, restaurants, exchange rate, eather forcast, banks, interesting places to visit and entertainment.

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