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bachelor's degree
Intercollegiate Faculty Of Business And Linguistics
full-time, part-time (hybrid)
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3 years (6 semesters)
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Sopot, Gdańsk
Language preparation for foreigners

Business and Languages combines business studies taught in English with intensive study of a second foreign language. You will gain first practical experience in national and international companies. You will stand out by having a joint diploma from two prestigious universities: a business degree from the Sopot University of Applied Sciences and a degree in linguistics from the Ateneum Academy in Gdańsk with which we co-run this field of study.

 The interdisciplinary study programme prepares the graduate to work in a  multicultural environment.    

By completing these studies, you have the opportunity to choose many paths for further professional development, both in Poland and abroad. 

purpose of study

Intercultural cooperation

Our educational programmes and the diversity of students foster the building of intercultural bridges. Students not only learn together, but also work on projects together, which fosters mutual understanding and integration. Multiculturalism becomes a driving force that favors innovation and the creation of unique solutions. 

For our university,  multiculturalism is not just a slogan, it is a way to shape global perspectives among our students. Through cultural diversity, our students are more aware of the challenges and opportunities of the global world, providing a solid foundation for building a career in the international job market. 

Bilingualism is the key to success

In addition to studying in English, our programme emphasises the intensive study of a second foreign language. Within the specialisation you can choose from: German, Swedish, Spanish or French. Over four semesters, you will gain a solid foundation (from basic to B2 level), which corresponds to a total of 630 hours of intensive study. 


Advantages of the field of study

„Studia z Przyszłością” [Studies with a Future] Award

The field of study was awarded the certificate Studia z przyszłością” by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education for innovativeness, originality in terms of teaching content, applied didactic methods and methods of evaluation of educational results, as well as modernity of the educational concept and the highest quality of the study programme.

The „Studia z przyszłością” certificate is only awarded to fields of study that are based on three pillars: the pursuit of up-to-date knowledge, modern knowledge, and the creation of skills and social competences sought after by employers.


Where do our graduates work?

The employment prospects for the Business and Languages field of study are very high. After gaining experience in the industry, graduates of our university have the competences that enable them to find employment in managerial and executive positions. They work as trade/marketing/PR specialists, business consultants, analysts or open their own businesses. The range of opportunities is wide.


Studies in English

In your first semester of study, you improve your competence in business English to C1 level (240 h) in order to study business subjects freely in subsequent semesters. 

To study Business and Languages it is enough to have knowledge of the language at B1 level.

Diversity, support and integration

In our free time, we focus on integration, creating open spaces for the diversity and individuality of each student. We are like a mosaic, made up of individual, unique pieces, coming from different parts of the world, bringing with them a diversity of traditions and experiences. We make sure that students have the chance to get to know each other, creating strong bonds of friendship. We support them not only at every stage of recruitment, but also after it, providing a sense of care and support. Our aim is for everyone to feel cared for, surrounded by an atmosphere of acceptance and ready to explore together the wealth of differences that make our academic community unique.

Study and practice - unique internships

Guaranteed internship in the sixth semester of study in national and international companies also in the BPO/SSC sector. 

The combination of study and practice shortens the period of preparation for the profession and creates a competitive advantage over graduates from other universities. 

One field of study - a diploma from two universities

A B&L graduate will receive one bachelor’s degree from two universities: Sopot University of Applied Sciences and Ateneum Academy.  This is an amazing distinction on the job market!

A team of economic practitioners

Business life practitioners often have extensive contacts in the business world. This opens up the possibility for students to build their own network of professional already during their studies. This enables students to gain valuable experience through internships, research projects or work placements.

Experienced practitioners often act as mentors for students, shering their knowledge and assisting in  professional development. Their inspiring success stories can motivate students to pursue their own career goals.

How to successfully go through the recruitment process?

    1. Register in – INTERNETOWEJ REJESTRACJI KANDYDATA – Po wpisaniu danych osobowych wybierz kierunek studiów, a system wygeneruje gotowe dokumenty rekrutacyjne.
    2. Opłata rekrutacyjna – kwotę 85 zł należy wpłacić na podany w IRK numer konta. Co jeżeli wybrany kierunek się nie uruchomi? Spokojnie, to nie zdarza się często! Wyślij e-mail z prośbą o zwrot należności, a pieniądze z powrotem trafią na Twoje konto. Psst… zajrzyj tutaj, może aktualnie mamy promocję.
    3. Przygotuj dokumenty – Jakie to dokumenty i skąd je wziąć? W IRK jest cała lista wygenerowanych dokumentów, wg. której należy je skompletować. Do tego należy dodać fotografię w formacie 3.5 x 4.5 oraz świadectwo dojrzałości. Całość dostarcz nam w ciągu 7 dni od rejestracji lub prześlij pocztą.
    4. Decyzja o przyjęciu na studia – po zebraniu Uczelnianej Komisji Rekrutacyjnej, podejmowana jest decyzja o wpisaniu kandydatów na listę studentów. Oczekuj jej na swoim koncie IRK zmiany statusu!

    Do zobaczenia!

Deadline and place for submission of documents

Signed documents together with a photo must be delivered within 7 days from the date of registration to our head office at Rzemieślnicza 5 in Sopot. A Student to be, don’t forget to take your identity card with you!

If you are an international Student to be you must deliver your documents with a photo, passport with valid visa as soon as you arrive to Poland.

SANS Sopot
ul. Rzemieślnicza 5, 81-855 Sopot

The Recruitment Office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and is located in room 021.

Tuition fees

Full-time and part-time studies

Tuition fees in EURO – for candidates with citizenship other than Polish
I year II year III year
Payment for the year 2800 EURO 2800 EURO 2800 EURO
Recruitment fee 150 EURO


Who does our university cooperate with?

Thanks to the university’s close cooperation with vocational institutions, you will be able to start your first job in your profession while still studying! 

We cooperate with both outsourcing centres and leading companies recruiting financiers, accountants and controllers. You will get to know the employees and trainers of the partner companies during thematic workshops, internships and regular classes and lectures.

The strategic partners of the university are the Association of Accountants in Poland, Gdańsk Branch, ACCA and the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors, Gdańsk Branch.

see for yourself

Opinie ekspertów

prof. SANS dr Tomasz Kalinowski
Former counsellor-minister, economic diplomat, expert on Polish-German relations

Business and Languages is a modern educational offer for Students who are fascinated by the world of international business.

With this new offer from SANS, you will no longer have to make the difficult choice between studying business and neo-philology fields of studies. Thanks to a careful selection of subjects, students will learn about the problems and conditions for Polish business in an international environment, taking into account both „hard” factors, such as finance, accounting, international economic relations, marketing, and soft factors, such as the problems of effective communication, etiquette and negotiation in international conditions in a flexible configuration of two foreign languages. The neophilology package includes components such as effective business communication in two foreign languages of key importance to the Polish economy – English and German, with the option of choosing another language. Thanks to such a tailored educational offer, Business and Languages graduates will be able to work in the dynamically developing BPO sector in Poland, in Polish companies which are in the phase of their foreign economic expansion, as well as in numerous foreign companies, that expect from their employees the unique combination of competences offered by this innovative field of study.



Opinions of students and graduates
I find it amazing that this field of study was actually created to meet the needs of large corporations, which allows us to think confidently about working in the future. The attitude of the instructors, the atmosphere at the university has a very positive effect on our academic performance. We have a great team of lecturers who have active contact with business, they know it from real life and are able to give us the best and most practical knowledge. I also really like the further field of study and the fact that the school has received ACCA accreditation, which I wanted.
zdjecie autora
Zuzanna Archiszewska
Sopot university of applied sciences is a really fascinating place to be, the lecturers and the rest of the administration staff are approachable and helpful. In a nutshell ever since l enrolled in this institution my student life has been  brilliant. Most importantly the course content and teaching has been good so far and I'm looking forward to applying this knowledge in my career.
zdjecie autora
Mgcini Mlilo
As part of my studies, I receive the most up-to-date business knowledge and, in addition to the taught English language, I can choose two other languages to learn, which will improve my communication in large companies. I searched for a long time, but I did not find a similar field of study in public universities or other private universities.
zdjecie autora
Adam Kaczorowski
Sopot is the best University to be! Firstly  its location is strategic and amazing. It is situated at the core of the Tricity and that on its on makes it special in terms of one having a wide range of internship and job opportunities to choose from! Moreover, the most important thing as a foreign student is an atmosphere  that is very friendly  and Sopot University has not disappointed  on this one ,the atmosphere is very friendly and more! All professors are knowledgeable, and everything is quite organised. Sopot University has opened my eyes to the corporate world and the sky is not even the limit for me!
zdjecie autora
Tatendaishe C. Moyo
It is an interesting field of study preparing for future business professions, the course is very interesting and, most importantly, effective and efficient. I like the fact that there is a small group of us and that it's not look like at a traditional university, where you have tomemorize thousands of formulas in a given language, which you need to know for colloquiums,tests and so on. Our subjects focus on pure business English, which I think is very useful for the future.
zdjecie autora
Andre Kisielewski
My name is Abraham Dean Nyagwaya, am an international student from Zimbabwe studying Business and Languages at SOPOCKA AKADEMIA NAUK STOSOWANYCH in Sopot Poland. Being a student at SOPOCKA AKADEMIA NAUK STOSOWANYCH has made me feel like am home due to the reception international students like me get from the school staff and from our other Polish students and also the influence and encouragement we get from our lecturers. Looking at what am studying and also the way the university is mentoring us step by step, I see a lot of  opportunities out there waiting for us  Business students. The career perspectives I feel are waiting for me out there, due from being a student here at SOPOCKA AKADEMIA are so plenty for example from what i will specialize in during my studies here i will be able to go in careers such as International Sales Representative, Arbitrator, Data Scientist, Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, the list is endless. My study life in the Tricity is indeed magnificent and I was surprised when I knew that the Tricity is one of the most visited place in this world and it gives us a chance to meet different people from different countries and also learn more about their countries.
zdjecie autora
Abraham Dean Nyagwaya

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