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Start of recruitment: 01.04.2024
Language preparation for foreigners

The second degree in economics is a continuation of your first degree, where, based on internship experience, you will gain practical and extended knowledge in the field of international business. 

The aim of the course is to prepare specialists with business, analytical, digital and social competencies necessary in managing…

…any enterprise, global institutions and in running your own business. More broadly, a master’s degree in economics helps prepare you for a career that requires the ability to build business strategies, to solve problems efficiently in the digital economy, in any area of the economy, such as marketing and sales, manufacturing and finance.

We offer specialties:

  • international business

adventages of this faculty

Who is this study for?

Studies in economics are for people:

  • who want to develop their analytical skills of the socio-economic environment under dynamic changes in the contemporary world,
  • who want to learn how to navigate the world of international business, but still understand the local context as well,
  • interested in a career in a profession related to economics or management, including: in production, trade, service companies, the banking, insurance, investment and pension sectors, accounting and accounting consultancy offices, factoring companies, public administration units, tax administration.
Where do our graduates work?

Our graduates work as:

  • business and economic analysts, auditors, specialists in diagnosing, planning and forecasting risks and economic phenomena in enterprises and institutions,
  • managers and executives in economic and personnel departments in private enterprises and public institutions,
  • national and international contract negotiation specialists, business development consultants,
  • experts, consultants and controllers of economic activity and tax administration, investment, tax and banking advisors,
  • stockbrokers, property appraisers, real estate agents, sales representatives, insurance agents, brokers,
  • logisticians and forwarding agents, import specialists.

Economics graduates can also start their own business.

Accounting and finance programmes at your fingertips

Students on the course learn about commonly used accounting and financial software (e.g. ERP, SAP, EXCEL, Symfonia, Płatnik, Optima), receive modern knowledge and acquire the necessary skills in the profession of financier, accountant or controller. Reports, professional presentations, aesthetically pleasing budgets? We also privide solid knowledge of Excel, Word, Sharepoint to help you stand out from other company employees.

Global Business Services Qualification course.

Global Business Services Qualification is a prestigious course that develops managerial skills in the area of finance and accounting. The course is completed with a certificate. Students at the Sopot University of Applied Sciences can participate in it for free as part of their studies. It is an additional adventage in your CV!

Emphasis on learning professional English

Knowledge of a foreign language is essential when applying for a job, but also when pursuing a career in international companies in a business environment, which is made possible by our  accounting studies in the field of Finance and Accounting. We place particular emphasis on practical language learning. The study programme includes subjects such as a finance and accounting foreign language and a business foreign language. During classes, our students can develop their language skills to a level that enables them to hold casual business conversations with foreign partners.

Cooperation with the international business environment

Thanks to this, students of the Sopot University of Applied Sciences can undertake internships in international companies and start their professional careers in the most prestigious companies in the Tricity. There is an Employers’ Convention at SANS which supports SANS students and graduates in entering the labour market.

A team of economic practitioners

Classes in this field are largely conducted in the form of workshops, laboratories and projects by specialists and practitioners of economic life (accountants, auditors, financiers, lawyers). Internship supervisors from leading companies specialising in finance and accounting will support the learning process, giving you valuable lessons and teaching you practical skills useful in your later professional career.

Our lecturers include: independent accountants, chief accountants, owners of accounting offices, tax advisors, employees, specialists and directors of the National Tax Administration, managers of human resources and payroll departments, economists, financial analysts, city councillors, diplomats and sworn translators.


Full-time and part-time studies

Tuition in EURO – for foreign candidates
I year II year
Annual payment 2800 EURO 2800 EURO
Admission fee 150 EURO



Who does our university cooperate with?

Thanks to the close cooperation between the university and professional institutions, you will be able to start your first job while still studying!

We work with both outsourcing centres and leading companies recruiting financiers, accountants, controllers. You will meet employees and trainers from partner companies at thematic workshops, internships and regular classes and lectures.

The strategic partners of the university are the Association of Accountants in Poland, Gdańsk Branch, and the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors, Gdańsk Branch.

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Expert opinions

dr Wojciech Błaszkowski
Deputy Chairman of the Gdansk City Council, Chairman of the Education Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Gdansk Education Council, Member of the Strategy and City Budget Committee

In today’s world, there are many things you can learn on your own: from the internet, podcasts, books; often without even leaving home.

However, there are still areas where contact with another person, working together, supporting and inspiring each other on the way to the goal is essential. This is the role of studies. In the case of business studies, asking questions and seeking answers together is the foundation of acquiring knowledge.

The master’s degree in economics and finance at the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Sopot University of Applied Sciences teaches students to consciously look at the surrounding reality; they teach you to draw conclusions, analyse phenomena and even… predict the future. According to Steven D. Levitt, an economist from the University of Chicago, economics has excellent tools for acquiring knowledge, but suffers from a deficit of interesting questions. We try to areduce this deficit and every day encourage students to ask: what do we base on when we make decisions, what influences demand, what is opportunity cost? But also: why do shops sell Christmas decorations as early as October? Why does a car that has passed the showroom gate lose so much value? Who benefits from free beer nuts? There is only one answer to so many questions in the modern world: Economics.


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