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Start of recruitment: 01.04.2024
Language preparation for foreigners

Economics is one of the universal fields of study, providing the opportunity to build a career path in various areas of business in the broadest sense.

At Sopot University of Applied Sciences you can combine your studies with practical vocational training and already gain your first experience during your studies in companies of various national and international industries, financial institutions and local authorities.

The purpose of the course is to provide practical training in the profession of economist and financier prepared to perform various professional roles… 

…in national and foreign organizations. The economist participates in making rational economic decisions at various levels of management in enterprises. During the course of study, up-to-date knowledge is imparted and skills are acquired in accordance with the needs of the changing socio-economic environment.

In the field of economics we offer the following specialities:

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Advanatges of the course

Learning economic English

During the study, students improve their language skills, reaching a level that allows them to conduct casual business conversation with foreign partners.

In order to study Economics, it is sufficient at the beginning to know the language at the B1 level, holding a certificate confirming knowledge of English is enough. You don’t have such a document? Contact us by e-mail and we will arrange a short online conversation with a teacher to determine your level of language knowledge.

Where do our graduates work?

Employment prospects after completing Economics studies are very broad. After gaining experience in the industry, our graduates have the competence to find employment in managerial and executive positions.

Our graduates work as:

  • business and economic analysts, auditors,
  • managers and managers in economic, HR departments in private enterprises and local and state institutions,
  • experts, consultants and controllers of business and tax administration,
  • real estate agents, sales representatives, insurance agents, brokers,
  • logisticians and freight forwarders, import specialists.

Economics graduates are prepared to run their own business.

Who are our studies for?

The study of Economics is aimed at people:

  • wishing to develop their analytical skills,
  • who want to learn to navigate the world of local, national and international business,
  • interested in a career
  • interested in a profession related to economics or management, including in manufacturing, trade, service companies, banking, insurance, sectors of investment, pension, accounting offices and accounting consultancy offices, factoring companies, public administrations, tax administration.
Cooperation with the international business environment

Students of Sopot University of Applied Sciences can do internships (required and additional) in more than 60 national and international companies with which the university has been cooperating for many years.

Classes taught by business practitioners

Classes in this course are largely taught in the form of workshops, laboratories and projects by business practitioners (economic analysts, company managers, auditors and lawyers).



Tuition fees in EURO
1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Payment per year 2700 EURO  2700 EURO 2700 EURO
Recruitment fee 150 EURO


Who does our university cooperate with?

Thanks to the university’s extensive cooperation with companies and professional institutions, you will be able to start your first job already during your studies!

We cooperate with both outsourcing centers and leading companies that recruit economists, financiers, accountants and controllers. You will meet employees and trainers of partner companies at thematic workshops, internships and during regular classes and lectures.

Strategic partners of the university are Employers of Pomerania and the Pomerania Development Agency, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.

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Expert opinions

prof. SANS, dr Anna Szymczak
Vice - Rector for Development and Education of SANS, President of the "Education, Practice, Development" Foundation, business practitioner

Economics is a universal field of study, providing the opportunity to build a career path in various areas of business in the broadest sense.

A graduate of this field of study is equipped with comprehensive economic, financial and managerial knowledge that enables him or her to enter the profession of an economist in operational positions, such as, for example, a specialist analyst, in the management of financial, human and material resources in enterprises of various industries, in consulting units and organizations and institutions (public and non-governmental) in the country and abroad. He is also prepared to run his own business especially a family business. In addition, he is prepared to analyze information in support of rational economic decision-making in enterprises of different scales of operation, whether small, medium or global.

Student and graduates feedback
Sopot University of Applied Sciences teaches me to expand my horizons and look only forward. This university is for the students and gives amazing support!
zdjecie autora
Alina Petrenko
I highly recommend the course Finance and Business Economics at the Sopot University of Applied Sciences. Very useful knowledge which you can put into practice in various workplaces during internships thanks to the module of dual studies. Very nice and friendly atmosphere. The lecturers have very professional attitude to the subjects as well as to students. If you plan to run your own business, work in a bank or be a director of a very large corporation in future and most of all like to combine theory and practice, then this course is for you!
zdjecie autora
Klaudia Wyżyn




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